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from Jan 23, 2024 Meeting of the NV Legislature TRPA Oversight Committee, Carson City

LCB State of Nevada
January 23, 2024

Approximately 40 people from north, south, east and west shores of Lake Tahoe attended the January 23, 2024 meeting of the NV Legislature TRPA Oversight Committee to share their concerns about TRPA ethics and operations. Public comment period was cut short but these are the comments provided.

Tahoe Daily Tribune, December 1, 2023, Ashleigh Goodwin
The Nevada Department of Transportation, after having been met with vocal community resistance, has removed the “road diet” portion of the U.S. 50 Tahoe East Shore Corridor Management Plan.
NDOT said they will continue to seek possibilities that provide solutions as multifaceted as the problems they aim to solve.

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Reno Gazette Journal, November 3, 2023
In final remarks, pre-recorded and played during the 2023 Lake Tahoe Summit, the late Senator Dianne Feinstein warned about the many threats the Lake faces from overdevelopment, climate change, invasive species and wildfire.
Sadly, Tahoe land-use documents indicate her remarks fell on deaf ears. Buried deep inside county documents progressing now through the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) are new codes and ordinances with the power to fundamentally degrade Tahoe’s surroundings, wildlife habitats and communities.
These Tahoe basin area plan amendments arrived in an “Economic Sustainability and Housing” Trojan horse. If approved, there’s a raft of incentives written by and for developers and those eager to further exploit Tahoe’s scenic beauty for profit.

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Cato Institute, November 4, 2019
What’s a “road diet”? Randal O’Toole comments.

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TRPA: stop endangering Tahoe's future


Mt. News, October 2023

This month’s guest column is on behalf of a consortium of Tahoe environmental organization.

Lindgren pulled no punches describing today’s wildfire and evacuation challenges. “Our west shore is very vulnerable. There’s only one way in and out and getting people out to the South and North – depending on the time of year – is challenging,” Deputy Almos said. 

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NDOT to move forward narrowing 'deadliest stretch,' protests continue


Tahoe Tribune 2023, July 16, 2023

Nevada Department of Transportation heard public comment on Monday, again, regarding the Highway 50 Corridor Management Plan which proposes to reduce a stretch of the thoroughfare from Spooner Summit to Stateline. 

According to the NDOT website “U.S. 50 along the east shore of Lake Tahoe is a National Scenic Byway which experiences significant demands from a range of travelers including residents, visitors, recreationalists, commuters and regional traffic that combine for nearly 7 million trips annually.”

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Tahoe Prosperity Center’s False Narrative

As I read this article, I thought to myself, “Who does this woman think she is?” Her article isfilled with judgment, disdain, and condemnation of those who dare to disagree with her and her view of what Tahoe should be. How can this woman be head of a nonprofit agency? Her article is mean-spirited. She clearly has zero interest in working with those who disagree with her. Rather, she appears to want to demolish them so she can get her way. The Tahoe Prosperity Center is not about unification as its website proclaims; it is all about divide and conquer.

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Local Voices

"I was in the third graduating class of George Whittell High School. In 1963 when traffic conditions warranted widening that road to 4 lanes, we were so happy. It is ridiculous to even talk about narrowing this road now. I am a 34-year veteran from the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District."

"Those hundred accidents that they say happen in that area each year, about a third of them are in Zephyr Cove, mostly due to the parking on the highway, people that are under the influence trying to get into their cars and walking down the middle of the highway. Stop the parking on the highway and clean up Zephyr Cove."
Tahoe East Shore Alliance Keep Hwy 50 four lanes
Guy Moss
"Through terrible weather and long tourist seasons, we all suffer the same problems of overcrowded roads. The thought of making them smaller makes our employees who travel from the valley very frightened to drive up and down our roads. How are we going to get people to work in Lake Tahoe with only one lane?"
Tahoe East Shore Alliance Keep Hwy 50 four lanes
Debbie L.

Over-development and over-tourism

Tahoe Tribune September 5, 2023, Letter to the Editor

I was struck by the sheer hubris of the TRPA’s Chairwoman Cindy Gustafson and Vice-Chairwoman Hayley Williamson in their recent Opinion piece. They say they are utilizing “science-based policies to manage growth”. All I see is over-development and over-tourism being promoted by their leadership.

The biggest and best thing that has been done to improve the Lake’s health in recent memory is a gift from God and God alone. The amazing snow pack and rain water of the 2022/23 Winter season blessed the Lake with huge volumes of crystal-clear water to materially increase the Lake’s clarity. TRPA did nothing to achieve that.

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Before a wildfire grew into an out-of-control blaze, the Forest Service decided to let it burn

CNN- Published 10:43 PM EDT, Fri July 23, 2023

The lightning-sparked Tamarack Fire, first discovered on July 4 in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, was initially confined to a single tree burning on a ridgetop “with sparse fuels and natural barriers to contain it,” according to the Forest Service. Despite the Forest Service’s statement, which assured that the fire “poses no threat to the public, infrastructure or resource values,” the wildfire has since gone on to scorch 58,417 acres and at least 10 structures in California and Nevada.

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Tahoe Fund and Tahoe Forest Products

Tahoe Tribune, Oct 6-12, 2023 – page 16.

I was interested in what Amy Berry, CEO of the Tahoe Fund, left out of her September 29, 2023 Opinion piece about forest tree clearing.

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Why evacuation is priority #1
Evidence shows U.S. Forest Service mismanagement contributed to California wildfire

60 Minutes, Oct 2, 2022 
Grizzly Flats, California, was destroyed by fire in less than 15 minutes last year. Most residents there blame the U.S. Forest Service.

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US Forest Service: Burning the West on Purpose

Killing millions of wildlife and destroying air, water and habitat for future generations. 

➔Read full Wildlife Impact Overview by clicking here

Caldor Fire: Roads packed after South Lake Tahoe ordered to evacuate; all national forests in California closed due to wildfires
USA Today, Oct. 19, 2021

Homes lost, roads packed after South Lake Tahoe ordered to evacuate due to Caldor Fire. Thousands of people rushed to leave after the iconic freshwater lake came under evacuation orders due to the raging Caldor Fire. 

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State of the lake
‘Super toxic’: What a team found 500 feet below Tahoe's surface

SFGate- Updated 

It’s no secret that Lake Tahoe has a trash problem, and local nonprofit Clean Up the Lake has pulled more than 61,000 pounds of debris from the lake since 2018. But as scuba divers are limited to a depth of about 60 feet, that leaves 1,584 feet of depths the organization can’t reach. 

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